Trusted by experts

Trusted by experts


“I didn’t expect to have so many opportunities to network and connect with customers and industry professionals that you get to share knowledge with and seek opportunities from. THN has the industry experience, they know how to connect suppliers with customers. They know what the customers are looking for, they know what suppliers need when investing in an event like this.”

Salwan Finj, VP EMEA


“A great mix of suppliers and buyers. We met all the right people and had enough time to speak with them with no interruptions. will definitely attend again.”

Laurent Genari-Conti, Middle East Technical Manager


“Met a lot of quality people. Everyone was on schedule and we met a lot of potential customers.”

Philip Van Neer, Business Support Consultant

ITSthe1 Solutions LLC

“The best money we have spent in all these years. We actually met the real clients who are interested in what we do.”

Tony Fernando, Founder & Managing Director

Alcatel Lucent Enterprise

“We met a lot of decision makers which is critical for suppliers. This event allows a private conversation around the table allowing us to set up a very strong relationships with out customers and buyers.”

Xavier Mongin, Regional Director Hospitality Middle East & SE Africa


“What was unique about this conference was the actual time dedicated to Networking. I am already looking forward to coming back to next year’s event.”

Alana Witte, VP – key accounts